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Fixing Australia

Australia is broken. Democracy has holes in it, cracks in it, and it needs fixing. Since the 2004 Federal election we know that our government is not going to fix it. I think we need to do that fixing, and this blog is a start of getting some ideas together.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Democracy itself is now at stake

Democracy itself is now at stake in Australia, and this is such a serious threat that I believe that people of all parties and political persuasions are concerned and would respond to a call to work together to save it.

Let's drop 'anti-John' messages. Even though it has been on his watch that democratic freedoms have been most eroded, I don't believe that Labor would be much different. Instead we must set up a nation-wide watch for attempts to further limit democratic freedoms, and fight for a return to democratic values in politics.

Nayano Taylor-Neumann


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