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Fixing Australia

Australia is broken. Democracy has holes in it, cracks in it, and it needs fixing. Since the 2004 Federal election we know that our government is not going to fix it. I think we need to do that fixing, and this blog is a start of getting some ideas together.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Fixing Australia: 100 words

By Doug Everingham

Let's uphold

  • concern for life and our environment ahead of promoting markets.

  • outlawing unconditional control of other people, or of Earth's finite resources, to advantage any section of humanity.

  • the right of children to affection, respect, encouragement and guidance to develop understanding, reasoning, intuition, deliberation, conflict resolution and respectful co-operation with others.

  • the right of people to a safe and healthy life, with freedom of association, communication and conviction, in consistency with similar rights of others.

  • the right of each stakeholder to take part in decision making, feedback and liaison in all groups from local to global.


  • At Friday, April 22, 2005 7:23:00 PM, Blogger herb said…

    a few easy steps: -
    1. Legalise all drugs and administer, in purified and regulated dose, without penalty or favour, the strongly addictive ones - heroin, especially, free of charge. A 44 gallon drum of pure heroin, imported from Afghanistan, costs about the same as one detective's yearly salary. Most of the coppers can go and do something useful for a change, as with the judges, and most of the screws can go home.
    2. Abolish all taxation, and replace it with a GST - on everything! No exemptions for anybody, for any reason, whatsoever. No assitance to anybody through the taxation system.
    3. Institute a Department of Sad Stories, where those requiring assistance may report, detail their circumstances, and receive, if necessary, a directly publicly accountable relief, in the form of goods, services, &c, but never money.

    Try it! You might be amazed at the initial period of Darwinian selection, followed by a very meaningful consolidation of Australia's social structure.

    Pete Dunn.


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