Immigration Department deports using false travel documents, advocates claim

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Immigration Department deports using false travel documents, advocates claim

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Sunday May 1 2005 10:40pm WST
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"Refugee advocates Project SafeCom cannot conclude otherwise than that the Australian Department of Immigration has used falsified documents to force a deportation," spokesman Jack H Smit said this morning.

"Whenever someone is scheduled to be deported who cannot provide conclusive identity about his or her person, such a deportation is stalled until identities can be confirmed. This has become part of public knowledge especially in the case of Mr Peter Qasim, who claims to be from a disputed Kashmiri area, and who cannot be deported according to the Immigration Minister Senator Amanda Vanstone, and also according to Mr Qasim's own statements, who has claimed he is "willing to go anywhere" if he only could.

"The revelations that Australian residents and citizens were deported by the Australian Immigration Department must inevitably mean, that DIMIA has only be successful is other travel documents were prepared by the Department prior to the deportation of such a person or persons.

"This must inevitably lead to the conclusion that DIMIA has prepared travel documents using an unconfirmed and in this case an incorrect identity. From this follows that the Department cannot have acted otherwise than to issue false documents.

"Project SafeCom again reiterates its demand for a full, an open, and a judicial inquiry into the dealings of the Department of Immigration."

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