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Press Releases

If you don't like the media, then become the media!

Over the years we're been a fierce, vocal and expressive organisation in issuing regular, and sometimes frequent, media releases.

In this way we've added our voice to the national debate.

This page lists our media releases, linked to their independent pages.

UPDATE: Older Press releases are archived under the Archived pages for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. 2009, 2010 and 2011.

"Maybe what young adults need to continue to do is keep creating their own new media and news sources on the Internet and through other new technologies. Just bypass the old farts on Fox and CNN and all the rest.

One thing's for sure - by never challenging this president on his lies that sent our young off to war, they have proven which side they are on and it isn't on the side of the young or the future. Congratulations, 18 to 29-year-olds - you rocked."

Michael Moore, November 7, 2004.

Media Releases 2015

21 November 2015 Malcolm Turnbull Runs the Country but Tony Abbott Rules the Waves
14 May 2015 How many thousands will die at sea because of Abbott's silence and refugee hatred?

Media Releases 2014

28 November 2014 ONE HUNDRED BOATS: What happened to them, Scott Morrison???
19 November 2014 Morrison is an Abbott Government Extremist who should lose his portfolio
1 August 2014 When political careers trump conscience, Australia's heart exudes the stench of manure
9 May 2014 Border Agency should be liberated from refugee determination
10 February 2014 How many Transfield construction workers will die on Manus Island, Minister?
17 January 2014 In exposing Brazen Abbott, Labor should drop Beazley's 'small-target' Tampa idiocy

Media Releases 2013

18 November 2013 Scott Morrison should stop wrecking the Immigration Department
14 November 2013 Indonesia lets loose about Abbott and Morrison's brazen boat arrogance
18 September 2013 'Public Right to Know' looms as defining issue over boat arrivals
24 July 2013 Now more than ever, 'It's Time' to clean out Immigration's Augean stables
27 June 2013 Kevin Alert: pls fix foul policies & heal poisoned asylum discourse
25 June 2013 Just like Canberra's elites, Australia's media keep missing the real smuggling boat issues
30 May 2013 Any Canberra politician without nepotistic self-serving agendas should step up today and hack into AFP Chief Tony Negus
16 May 2013 "Welcome to UnAustralia", we say, as the entire country gets excised from decency
13 May 2013 "Please Shut Up, Prime Minister, if you can't remember ALP asylum rights policy"
7 May 2013 Perth Arson Attack: last gasp for Tony Abbott's 'illegal boats' Billboard?
2 May 2013 During Budget Week, the Greens should block supply of offshore processing funds
30 April 2013 Every departing aircraft to Nauru or Manus Island makes us more bankrupt
11 April 2013 Abbott and Bishop should remember Thatcher's 1979 phone call to Fraser
5 March 2013 We're with the PM on the Western Suburbs asylum vilification discourse fissure

Media Releases 2012

15 December 2012 'Sleight of Hand' Family Reunion Community Pilot: SAVE THE BUDGET SURPLUS!
26 November 2012 Using 'Saving lives at Sea' fig leaves, Gillard government kills refugees slowly on Nauru
19 September 2012 Bowen should block visa application for Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders
15 September 2012 Australia's neocolonialist responsibility sell-out to Nauru makes us The World's Greatest Refugee Convention Pariah
14 September 2012 Immigration Minister Bowen regresses into manipulative Immigration culture hell tactician
7 September 2012 1630 arrivals since August 14 'Boatpeople Doomsday' and Nauru is full, Minister - what's your plan now?
27 August 2012 Australian immigration officials are covertly deluding and conning Nauru
15 August 2012 Houston and Gillard's 'realist' not 'idealist' offshore dumping laws confirm Labor's social democratic death
13 August 2012 Expert Panel Failure: Houston, We Still Have A Problem
7 August 2012 Scott Morrison manipulates UNHCR information in Lowy Institute Speech
6 July 2012 Greens to be applauded for breaking 12-year bipartisan Indonesia secrecy
4 July 2012 Australia's harsh anti-people-smuggling legislation has deadly consequences
24 June 2012 Canberra will fail to find humane asylum solution bipartisanship this week
13 June 2012 Four Corners EP should stand down while ABC conducts Inquiry
9 June 2012 Abbott should "Go Back to Where You Came From" at SBS TV
5 June 2012 Four Corners' Smuggling Circus Freak Show fails investigative framework
31 May 2012 Milestone not Millstone: 35,000 boat-borne asylum seekers in 36 years
19 April 2012 Gillard on Ali Jasmin: wooden, stubborn, stupid and dumb
12 April 2012 Detention of Chinese boat arrivals is probably unlawful
28 March 2012 The 2011 UNHCR Asylum Trends no Australian reporter could interpret correctly
23 March 2012 Indonesian smuggling accused boat crew should serve their jail time in Indonesia

Media Releases 2011

18 December 2011 United Nations needs to regulate international smuggling industry
1 December 2011 Boats 600 and 601 arrive safely in Australia - and they should be welcomed
23 November 2011 New 'Stuff You Kevin Rudd and Chris Evans' Deterring People Smuggling Bill ranks Australia amongst pariah nations
26 October 2011 Autocratic, arrogant, nasty, secretive and unanswerable ASIO has blood on its hands over Tamil detainee suicide
24 October 2011 Mass Hazara killings at Shia Muslim Rally took place in front of Australian Leaky Boat Billboard
26 September 2011 Windsor and Oakeshott should be wary of government "briefings" over Malaysia Amendments
8 September 2011 Immigration Chief Metcalfe should be sacked over xenophobic boat-phobia scaremongering
5 September 2011 Metcalfe Dreaming: Malaysia Swap success claims based on 1990's Immigration protection breaches
5 August 2011 Courts should remove Chris Bowen's Guardianship status
31 July 2011 Contravening all non-ALP parliamentarians, Bowen and Gillard confirm Australia's xenophobic boat neurosis
23 July 2011 No UNHCR Signature: Australia's political boat hypocrisy reaches its Historic Malaysia Summit next week
5 July 2011 Jailing of Child Smuggling accused exposes arrogant and lawless Immigration Department
12 June 2011 Promote Nauru at your own peril, Tony Abbott!
10 June 2011 Canberra's UNHCR Representative undermines "duty to protect" in Malaysian deal
9 May 2011 Boat arrives, and Gillard Labor's deliberately chosen human rights crimes are about to commence
7 May 2011 Prime Minister transforms into International Misery Trader and Queue Builder
6 May 2011 Colonial chiefdom Australia finds another slave nation to wipe its dirty arse
26 April 2011 Bowen "more extreme than Ruddock" in proposed Migration Act changes
14 March 2011 Claims of extreme police brutality on Christmas Island
27 February 2011 Scott Morrison's boat size bleating not supported by facts
23 February 2011 WA Liberal Senator makes her name as "racist rumour troll" in Senate Estimates
22 January 2011 Serious fuel supply and food crisis looms on Christmas Island
20 January 2011 Immigration Department hunger strike spin is callous and bankrupt

Media Releases 2010

17 December 2010 'Evil Smugglers' tag nicely hides our own political evil and toxic debate
10 December 2010 Human Rights Day suicide attempt reaffirms detention centres as the Immigration Killing Fields
16 November 2010 Advocates demand Parliamentary Discourse changes following refugee suicide
11 November 2010 High Court declares Excision Zone to be "Terra Nullius"
12 September 2010 "Stop the Boats to Get More Votes" hypocrisy will mark Gillard refugee policy
9 September 2010 Commonwealth DPP "smugglers' mules" decision is first crack in much-needed law review
3 September 2010 Darwin refugee protest: human rights advocates suspect political interference in assessment
3 September 2010 500th asylum vessel in 34 years arrives: time to reset the debate
1 September 2010 Darwin "mules" protest: People smuggling laws need full review
29 August 2010 Darwin detention unrest: Freeze processing, create detention limbo at your own peril
29 July 2010 Australia refused boat: St Louis drama and Fraser's Huey Fong denial repeated in MV Sun Sea's aimless sail
24 July 2010 500th refugee boat may coincide with August 21 Polling day
9 July 2010 Processing Centre concept is 32-year old Immigration Department pipedream
8 July 2010 Does new-fangled refugee "solution" come with new Ministerial language?
5 July 2010 (website) Gillard's Karzai Solution as dangerous as Afghanistan Theatre
9 June 2010 UK Border Agency & Kevin Rudd Kabul Reintegration plan shows political callousness
3 June 2010 Petro Georgiou's departure marks end to Liberal asylum decency
12 May 2010 Rudd the Humanitarian killed off with Ghastly Border budget Squander
5 May 2010 Kevin Rudd will jail Bonhoeffer, Schindler, Arne Rinnan under cover of Budget week
22 April 2010 Smuggling laws may be first to fail under new government human rights test
19 April 2010 Proposed laws undermine Smuggling Protocol, says Submission
9 March 2010 Rudd and SBY should use chance to shake Labor's 2001 Tampa Neurosis
8 March 2010 Boat Stopping falsehoods, lies and misrepresentations come in thick and fast
10 February 2010 Rudd's Merak refugees admission a welcome development
29 January 2010 Christmas Island Mass Protest 'inspired' by Prime Minister's Oceanic Viking political posturing
27 January 2010 Christmas Island "mental illness clock" moves to One Minute to midnight
17 January 2010 Grave concerns held for missing asylum boat feared perished

Media Releases 2009

7 December 2009 Sri Lankan refugee boat shoot-to-kill linked to Kevin Rudd/Stephen Smith lobbying
25 November 2009 Mandatory jailing for Indonesian 'smugglers ferrymen' fills jails but serves no purpose
19 November 2009 Kevin Rudd should face Senate Inquiry over asylum issues and Oceanic Viking handling
15 November 2009 Kevin Rudd is to blame for Indonesians opening fire on asylum seekers
9 November 2009 Polls show Australians know nothing about protection obligations
3 November 2009 Indonesia Detention Report a grave indictment against UNHCR, IOM, Australia and Indonesia
1 November 2009 Oceanic Viking UNHCR refugees show up failure of Howard & Rudd's Indonesian warehousing
29 October 2009 Australia's violence vs Indonesia's decency soon on show?
24 October 2009 Hungerstrike aboard: Rudd's Indonesian Solution already a flop
21 October 2009 Rudd Alert to Yudhoyono: Catch Our Rabbits and We'll Pay you Rich
15 October 2009 PM should show some guts and fly the 260 Sri Lankans to Australia
6 July 2009 Rudd and Turnbull both miss the boat with Malaysian people smuggling spin
1 July 2009 Rudd Govt no-privatisation backflip complete with $370 million Serco detention contract
20 June 2009 2009 World Refugee Day: Christmas Island harbours more secrets than Woomera and Baxter
3 June 2009 Sharman Stone and Turnbull should remember the Dachau gas chambers
6 May 2009 Chris Evans should end 'Christmas island community jailing' after health and ID checks
28 April 2009 (website) UK Children's Commissioner releases damning report on Australia's preferred detention services tenderer
20 April 2009 Should Oskar Schindler 'rot in hell' too, Prime Minister?
17 April 2009 Boat incident: Govt Medical and Rescue shines against 'A political Heart of Stone'
10 April 2009 Rau family slams proposed new refugee jailing contractors
8 April 2009 Border protection nonsense does not exist if you're a refugee on the run
2 April 2009 Human rights abuser becomes Chris Evans' preferred tenderer to run detention centres
31 March 2009 Aboriginal Custody Death: 'Furious' and considerable turnout expected at 'civil descent' on WA A-G's Office
20 March 2009 Immigration and Customs should now clean up all Australian debts from customs computer records
15 March 2009 Bob Debus needs some "people smuggling" training
6 March 2009 Manipulative Howard left-overs: 'People Movers' and broke fishermen are not 'People Smugglers'
9 February 2009 Deep grief and distress over fires needs to transform into climate change disaster intensification deliberations
16 January 2009 Australian government needs to shoulder blame for asylum drownings
8 January 2009 West Australian Daily sets national tone on 'Illegals Tag'