Human Rights Lobby should all punt for Labor's 'Harry Potter'

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Human Rights Lobby should all punt for Labor's 'Harry Potter'

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Monday December 3, 2006 4:00am WST
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"The entire human rights lobby in Australia should back the Labor Party's Harry Potter - Kevin Rudd, who not only carries the nickname of the magic wunderkind Harry Potter, but who also looks like him," WA Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning, commenting on the coming ballot for the ALP leadership coming tomorrow.

"Kim Beazley may well boast about his wealth of experience, but he more looks like a 'windbag from days gone by' held up like a puppet by many strings for every move by the right-wing, and similarly outdated party hacks and union bosses from last century," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

"While Beazley belongs in the twentieth century ALP struggle and while he desperately tries to keep basking in the glory that's long left him, Kevin-Harry-Rudd-Potter is showing he's in the prime of his energy and power, and if there's any magic left in the ALP, than surely Rudd can bring it on, because his deeply seated spiritual compassion is pure, energetic and unwavering.

"In terms of human rights, a sense of social conscience and social justice, Mr Rudd has been collecting generous credits in the public domain in recent times, and he did this not for party-political motives, but because he cannot do otherwise within the context of his own convictions and deeply felt sense of social and moral justice, Mr Smit said.

"Kevin Rudd recently proudly held up the magic of the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was killed by Hitler because he stood proud and ready to expose National Socialism in the 1930's, calling upon the German churches to resist the rise of Hitler.

"Even now, almost seventy years after the decade that Bonhoeffer worked in Germany, churches and social justice institutions in Western Europe still revere as well as study and debate the theology of Bonhoeffer, and I grew up on a diet of his social justice in action paradigms as a youngster in Holland," Mr Smit said.

"Not only that, but while Kim Beazley was too gutless to stand up to John Howard over the Tampa laws - showing he rather wanted a me-too position on torturing refugees who ask for our help - Kevin Rudd has been spotted teary-eyed and deeply moved at a refugee issues forum in Adelaide a few years ago.

Under Rudd, Australians can regain their social and moral compass, Labor can revive itself more than one would have ever expected under Beazley, and it can win the 2007 election, albeit with one serious downside: the party's over for the shadowy bullies and hacks and old farts who think they can lay claims for directions of the party because they were once union bosses.

"Also, perhaps all too soon, the generation of kids who are spoon-fed on Harry Potter, who dream and think and draw and write Harry Potter, will be of voting age, and they may just now already start demanding that their parents vote for Kevin Rudd," Mr Smit concluded.

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