Mike Rann makes SA govt look ridiculous over Sandra Kanck speech

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Mike Rann makes SA govt look ridiculous over Sandra Kanck speech

Media Release
Monday September 4, 2006
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"SA Premier Mike Rann makes his government look ridiculous over the unprecedented Hansard ban of Democrats MLC Sandra Kanck's Euthanasia speech, because within weeks dozens of copies of the speech will be posted on Blogs and websites, and these posts will include highly critical articles about his government's archaic ban on Free speech," WA Human Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

"Not only makes this decision look Mike Rann like someone who fails to set the standard of open and accountable government, he also looks like a total fool in the context of his candidature for the Australian Labor Party presidency. Mike Rann should drop his quest for this job - because he cannot cope with the conflicts of free speech, a conflict the Labor Party can well do without when it's looking for someone who wants to be National president," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

"Already the speech, which is not provocative or controversial at all, is posted to euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke's Exit International website, and no doubt the speech will be copied by the dozen on Blogs and other international websites within the coming days and weeks.

"As a result of his sheer stupidity, Mike Rann and the SA government will soon be the target of ridicule and concern. Rann has to learn about the realities of the internet. His behaviour will add to the serious criticism of Australia as a nation around the world that has been present since the MV Tampa stand-off and the 2001 election, when Australia became a laughing stock of the international community in the way it erodes its good name and standing in regards to human rights and the treatment of International Conventions it has signed."

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