Prime Minister transforms into International Misery Trader and Queue Builder

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Prime Minister transforms into International Misery Trader and Queue Builder

Media Release
Saturday May 7, 2011 3:30pm WST
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"Prime Minister Gillard and Immigration Minister Bowen, in announcing a refugee trading deal with Malaysia, have transformed themselves into people smugglers, international traders in asylum seeker misery and builders of our own Aussie asylum seeker queue," WA Human Rights group Project SafeCom said in response to the government announcement of its million-dollar deal with Malaysia.

"The Prime Minister and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen did not tell reporters that Malaysia is the country that has a history of refouling asylum seekers, and that has a record of physical torture to them," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

"Only one thing is important to PM Gillard - and that is to silence Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison, and to do as the Liberals do - to STOP the BOATS at any cost."

The Prime Minister has no decency, no conscience, and neither the Labor Party nor the Coalition are interested in Australia's obligations under the UN Refugee Convention. Instead, she will condemn those who sail to Australia to four to six years of Malaysian hell: Julia Gillard is "the New Queue Builder of the Pacific". By sending people to Malaysia the Prime Minister becomes someone who allows the torture of human beings who sailed here and who trusted Australia's adherence to the Refugee Convention."

The Prime Minister's initiative is deeply objectionable, and her callous use of "people smugglers" rhetoric as the so-called motive for the initiative is laughable because it's a brazen lie - she just wants to stop the boats and stop the howls of xenophobes and racists in Australia who believe that "Labor is soft on border protection", the political poison handed out like popcorn by Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison every time a boat arrives."

"Julia Gillard is today more objectionable than most maritime voyage facilitators Australia calls 'people smugglers' and condemns to our jails. The Prime Minister is the asylum seeker manipulator extraordinaire."

Jack H Smit
Project SafeCom Inc.
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