Australia and Nuclear power/mining demands informed referendum

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Australia and Nuclear power/mining demands informed referendum

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Saturday June 7 2006 9:20am WST
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"The use of nuclear power as well as the expansion of the nuclear industry in Australia should be subject to a national referendum, but only after a substantial education and information campaign that also includes the modelling by CSIRO," WA Rights group Project SafeCom said today.

"Suddenly the Prime Minister has stepped aboard the international bandwagon on nuclear energy, but he likes to forget that he does not have a mandate for it. Not surprisingly Mr Howard's demand for the debate developed immediately following his visit to the USA and after the US also expanded its own industry-driven nuclear industry expansion," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

"The care for safe as well as clean power for Australia in the views of Mr Howard seems more tied to the welfare of international industries, chosen above the safety of our nation. The Prime Minister has gagged the CSIRO from speaking about Climate Refugees; but the recent CSIRO publicity around its National Solar Energy Centre, where an installation of just 50 x 50 square kms in the Australian desert will suffice to supply clean and sustainable power for all of Australia obviates the need for any coal or nuclear power in Australia with a very small population."

"The premise that Australia needs to use and to export to the rest of the world clean power, not tied to vested industrial interests is the only way to start the debate."

LINK to CSIRO National Solar Energy Centre:

Both the government, the ALP opposition and the minor parties owe it to Australians to inform them fully, without a bias set by industry, and they owe it to them to bring the issue to a National Referendum," Mr Smit concluded.

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