Flannery should address Parliament about solar-thermal geothermal replacing coal industry

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Flannery should address Parliament about solar-thermal geothermal replacing coal industry

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Friday January 2, 2007 11:30am WST
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"The recently chosen Australian of the Year Dr Tim Flannery, who yesterday on ABC Lateline argued that Australia will eventually have no other choice than to phase out the coal industry, forced by worldwide social responsibility pressures and "dirty energy tariffs", and who pointed to replace coal-fired power generation with solar-thermal and geothermal technologies, should be invited to address the joint Houses of Parliament as soon as possible," WA Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

Lateline Transcript of the Interview:


"It is clear that Mr Howard stumbles around in Parliament like a greedy child in a pitch-dark school tuck shop on environmental issues, and that Mr Howard can only do what he thinks is best - and that is to support his 20th Century friends in the coal industry."

"It is also clear that the ALP remains unwavering in its support for their trade union friends in the mining industry and is therefore unwilling to take any drastic action that looks like an initiative that undermines the coal industry," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

"As the Independent member for Calare, Mr Peter Andren, showed yesterday in question time, The Prime Minister either has no idea that solar technology already can supply all base load energy for Australia's energy needs, or - more likely - that he tries to hide these options at all costs, even showing that he and his government is prepared to lie about the baseload generation capacity of these technologies."

"The government and the ALP opposition are both acting like blind drunks stumbling in the dark, attacking each other to fill the space, while mumbling about their mining industry friends, but the answer to all Australia's energy problems shine them in their face in Sunny Australia, every day of the year."

"Tim Flannery can wake them up, and make them think clearly again. He should be given the opportunity to make his case in Parliament in a joint sitting of both Houses. This is more important than the most recent outsiders' addresses to both Houses by for example the US president George W Bush," Mr Smit concluded.

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