UK Border Agency & Kevin Rudd Kabul Reintegration plan shows political callousness

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UK Border Agency & Kevin Rudd Kabul Reintegration plan shows political callousness

Media Release
Wednesday June 9, 2010 7:30am WST
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"The news that the Immigration Department plans to follow the UK Border Agency plans to deport hundreds of children back to the death-riddden war zone in Afghanistan, shows that the brazen callousness of Australia's merciless 'border guards' in the Immigration Department is once again setting a too convenient political agenda for an embattled Kevin Rudd," WA Human Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

"As shown in the May Budget details, and again reported by Fairfax newspapers [1] this morning, the Immigration Department has known for some time how European plans were underway [2] to dump hundreds of children in Afghanistan, where the war rages more fiercely than ever, and where no guarantees can be given that the Taliban - the Hazara Killers of the ravaged nation - are or will be defeated," spokesman Jack H Smit said.



"In the middle of this unending multi-billion-dollar failing middle eastern war, the rich western world is happily making children and unaccompanied minors the front-line sacrificial lambs of political correctness and blown budgets because westerners have squandered billions on fake money-harvesting loans and financial schemes."

"Hazaras need to vanish from our budgetary and multicultural equasion for political correctness reasons, is the line of the west, and the fact that just last weekend 1800 Hazaras in Sydney and 800 Hazaras in Melbourne took to the streets to plead with the UN to consider the killings of their enemy groups in their homeland such as the "Kochi", an armed Pashtun group, does not find inclusion in the decision making process."

"The harrowing stories of killings by not just the Taliban but also other armed groups in Afghanistan of those we will send back because we have an election on this year, will surface once again once the plans have been put in place and the planeloads will be leaving. It will be known as Kevin Rudd's election year scandal," Mr Smit concluded.

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