Zionist critic journalist Antony Loewenstein visiting Perth

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Zionist critic journalist Antony Loewenstein visiting Perth

Media Release
Monday October 9 2006 8:00am WST
For Immediate Release
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In a Book launch and forum with WA academics this week, Sydney-based Jewish blogger, journalist and author Antony Loewenstein will be the guest of West Australian human rights group Project SafeCom and WA social issues group The Social Justice Network.

This Wednesday evening at Kulcha Multicultural Arts WA in Fremantle, Mr Loewenstein will participate at the official WA book launch of his recently released "My Israel Question", where a panel comprising Dr Samina Yasmeen (University of WA, Centre for Muslim States and Societies), Professor Gavin Mooney (Curtin University, Health Economics), Prof Linda Briskman (Curtin University, Human Rights Education) with forum moderator Greens MLC Giz Watson will discuss the cultural implications for Jewish people of Mr Loewenstein's critique especially of Zionism and the Jewish lobby, also, if not especially their role in Australia.

The event, co-sponsored by the two WA groups, was organised by Project SafeCom, and Mr Loewenstein will be the guest of Project SafeCom at its South Fremantle operations centre (23 Scott Street).

Mr Loewenstein will be available for interviews from Wednesday noon (11 October) until Friday morning 13 October, both on location in South Fremantle, by phone and in TV/Radio studios.

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