Promote Nauru at your own peril, Tony Abbott!

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Promote Nauru at your own peril, Tony Abbott!

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Sunday June 12, 2011 14:00pm WST
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"Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison may well be loud about promoting Nauru, but after the first experience from 2001 onwards, UNHCR will not be part of the deal, and it's also unlikely to attract any support whatsoever from the International Organisation for Migration," WA Human Rights group Project SafeCom said today.

"If Tony Abbott wants to get people banished to Nauru, they will be again receiving ONE meal a day, the brackish water from the taps will be running for just a few hours a day, and nobody will ever eat any fresh food or vegetables, but only canned food, and most of the time the electricity would stop working in the detention camps," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

"It is true to form for the would-be Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to deny the experiences of the past. It would be true to form also for him to come out, claiming that psychiatrists and medical experts reports about Nauru are "Absolute Crap", and it would not be surprising if he or Scott Morrison would come out with brazen denials of the devastating experience Nauru was for hundreds of asylum seekers."

"Only arch-haters of asylum seekers and vilifiers of boat arrivals such as Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott will be happy to ignore what health and mental health experts have been saying since "Nauru One" was operational at the Topside and State House camps. There are expert reports of the sickening deterioration of the mental health of asylum seekers, there were outbreaks of dengue fever, mass hunger strikes and riots by groups of women, throwing rocks across the fences, but there's no doubt that Morrison and Abbott just want to mete out extrajudicial punishment and banishment to asylum seekers who have knocked on our door. Such haters and vilifiers have no place governing our country."

Jack H Smit
Project SafeCom Inc.
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