Who will think of Darwin harbour child boat-prisoners?

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Who will think of Darwin harbour child boat-prisoners?

Media Release
Sunday March 13, 2005 15:00am WST
For Immediate Release
No Embargoes

"Tonight a cyclone of enormous ferocity is likely to hit Darwin, while three unaccompanied children are imprisoned on confiscated boats, let's just say 'hopefully' detained together with some adults, detained for breaching the fishing zone regulations."

"Refugee advocates are abhorred to hear of the three unaccompanied minors, who are imprisoned inside Darwin harbour by Australian authorities. Latest statistics of the group ChilOut, issued this week show, that amongst the number of children detained - a number which has now risen to almost one hundred - are the three presumably Indonesian children, who are facing imminent danger."

"They are classed as "unaccompanied minors" because they are in their boat-prison without their parents. Most likely they were "child employees" on the fishing boats at the time their skippers were apprehended."

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Jack H Smit
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Pamela Curr
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