Opportunism rampant as TVP's become permanent

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Opportunism rampant as TVP's become permanent

Media Release
Tuesday July 13 2004 09:45am WST
For Immediate Release
No Embargoes

"The decision by Howard to grant up to 9000 Temporary Protection Visas permanency should be seen for what it is: political opportunism at its best."

"Howard was happy "to sink" refugees, decency, the UN Refugee Convention, when it suited him before the 2001 federal election. Now the prime minister is happy to "refloat" the issue in its opposite direction."

"The Howard government stands condemned for its continuing manipulation of the electorate for its own political gain, and some of the government's backbenchers should be applauded for their unrelenting pressure on the government."

"This manipulation has cost hundreds of lives, it has scarred and damaged thousands of people, many of them possibly for life, and its repercussions will haunt Australia for decades."

"The only appropriate reaction from Australians who care in response to this 'unsinking' of asylum seekers and refugees can only be, 'to jump for joy with the refugees, and then sink Howard at the next election.'"

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