Federal Court appearance may well see release of longest held asylum seeker in Australia

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Federal Court appearance may well see release of longest held asylum seeker in Australia

Media Release
Wednesday July 16 2003 09:30am WST
For Immediate Release
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"Today's appearance in The Perth Federal Court by high profile Kashmiri Asylum seeker Stephen Khan may well see him released for the first time since five years."

"Khan has applied to be released from detention because of his application for unlawful detention following the landmark Al Masri ruling, which would presumably also apply to Mr Khan's case."

"We have a phenomenal respect for Mr Khan's attitude whilst in detention, and so have many other people around Australia."

"During one of the largest protest gatherings in Western Australia in January 2001, held in the Fremantle Town Hall, Stephen Khan joined other high-profile speakers such as former Liberal Minister and human rights advocate Fred Chaney and Fremantle Labor backbencher Dr Carmen Lawrence: he addressed the meeting by means of an amplified speaker phone from the Perth detention centre."

"Mr Khan has excelled in assisting others in detention and by informing other detainees about their rights in detention. He has gained the highest respect from many people in the community through the uncomplicated strength in supporting others - while he himself is one of the longest held detainees in Australia's detention centres. Khan has also written articles published on several human rights websites."


Online locations of material published by and about Mr. Khan:

Kashmiri asylum-seeker baffles authorities

'Last resort' for asylum seeker Stephen Khan

Dying Every Day - The Life of Asylum-Seekers under Australia's Mandatory Detention Policy

Grounded until further notice


"Support for Khan is considerable: more than 200 people are on his visiting list in the Perth detention centre."

"I'm sure that many other people around Australia agree with me that Mr Stephen Khan may well be compared to Nelson Mandela, and the way he deported himself while held in the notorious Robbin Island prison in South Africa."

"This morning I spoke to Mr Khan, who is happy to talk to media representatives, but only after today's court appearance proves successful. If this is the case, he allows us to give out his phone number."

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