Forwarded Christmas Island photos: send in the implosions experts

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Forwarded Christmas Island photos: send in the implosions experts

Media Release
Sunday August 17, 2008 7:30am WST
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(Revised Sunday August 17, 2008 9:30am WST)

More than fifty forwarded photos of the newly built $400 million 'fit for murderers and absolutely riot-proof' detention centre on Christmas Island have been sent to Project SafeCom by one of the 50 advocates and NGO representatives who flew to the island on the invitation of the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Migration this week.

They are posted to the Project SafeCom website here:

"The images show such a gross concept of 'cages within cages' in the centre known as 'Australia's Guantanamo' and 'Australia's Alcatraz', that the only expert who will keep the Immigration Minister Chris Evans and the Rudd government honest within the ethical position so clearly expressed in his speech at Australian National University two weeks ago, where Senator Evans announced a radical departure of the indecency of mandatory detention of the last decade under the Howard government, is an implosions expert who comes in to blow the whole damned thing into the air for good," Project SafeCom spokesman Jack H Smit said.

"If Chris Evans wants to have his cake, then he'll have to eat it too," Mr Smit said. "We cannot have him being applauded right around the country for announcing a new era in the treatment of unannounced boat arrivals to our shores while at the same time promote this filthy and grotesque emblem of the nastiness of John Howard, Philip Ruddock and Amanda Vanstone."

"If Evans wants to relegate the horrors of how we have treated asylum seekers during the Howard years to the past, he cannot possibly defend to maintain and use the most grotesque symbol of their torture and tell Australian people it's all going to be fine under the Rudd government."

"Either Chris Evans sends in the implosion experts to bomb the wretched place - or permanently assign the centre as an International Convention Centre or University - or he will be seen as a hypocrite of the same order as Philip Ruddock and John Howard," Mr Smit concluded.

Jack H Smit
Project SafeCom Inc.
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