Project SafeCom Chair gets sworn in as Western Australian MLC

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Project SafeCom Chair gets sworn in as Western Australian MLC

Media Release
Friday February 18 2005 11:45am WST
For Immediate Release
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"Today at 2:45pm WST, recently elected Chairperson of the Project SafeCom steering committee Ms Lynn MacLaren, will be sworn in as a Member of the WA State Government's Legislative Council as a representative of the Greens in the Perth South Metropolitan region - just ten days before the next State election in Western Australia."

"This quirky and perhaps unique timing of her placing in the Council is a result of the resignation of Greens MLC Jim Scott who will stand as a lower house candidate for the next State election."

"Ms MacLaren has been connected with several community-based campaigns such as the Environmental Defender's Office and the Community Housing Coalition, and as such is excellently posited to represent community organisations such as Project SafeCom. Last week she visited the Perth detention centre together with Greens Senator for NSW Kerry Nettle."

"Project SafeCom's coordinator Jack Smit congratulated its chairperson with the appointment and expressed confidence that she will hold the seat for at least 'one week and another four years' at the upcoming election."

"Project SafeCom benefits a great deal from the input and facilitation skills of Ms MacLaren in her role on the committee, and her placing in the heart of Fremantle, also the place of many community events for us, places her in an excellent position to strengthen the voice on refugee issues and its wider context - that of human rights and social justice issues in general, in the WA community as well as the State government. We hope to work with Ms MacLaren for a long time to come."

For more information:

Jack H Smit
Project SafeCom Inc.
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Lynn MacLaren MLC
Project SafeCom Chair
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Online resources:

Lynn MacLaren, (Greens website) for the Legislative Council:

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