Only a Bill of Rights or Hacker Software would safeguard ID Card, says rights campaigner

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Only a Bill of Rights or Hacker Software would safeguard ID Card, says rights campaigner

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Monday 18 July 2005, 8:30am
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"Only a Bill of Rights that would ensure that banks, telephone companies, restaurants and international marketing networks targeting me for sales, promotions and advertising could not get access to details imprinted on my Identity Card would make me more safe about the card in John Howard's Australia," Rights campaigner Jack Smit of Project SafeCom said today, "and if there is no Bill of Rights, I would order Black Market software for my computer and a swiping machine, so I could edit the contents of my ID Card."

"As long as we have the Howard government in power, we know that membership of a refugee activist group such as the Refugee Action Collective can get your family raided, as this government already has shown two years ago, when 11 Iranian families were raided, while on the warrants for the raids this government made it clear that "suspected membership of Refugee Action Collective" was amongst the reasons for the raids."

"Short of having all safeguards related to privacy issues enshrined in a Bill of Rights, I would have to order a familiar "credit card swiper" on the black market via the internet, link that swiping gadget to hacker software on my computer, and first of all I would want to take control of every snippet of information on the ID Card, delete most of it - such as my previous addresses, my credit rating, my previous bank accounts, and any other information byte this government would want to include on the card for the benefit of the multinationals it's in bed with."

"There is absolutely not a skerrick of trust in this government in me, and only a Bill of Rights would reduce the powers this government metes out unto itself: the absolute power that politicians want to apportion onto themselves for example under the ASIO Bill powers, and the sheer unlimited powers given to politicians and their Department of Immigration bureaucrats under the Migration Act have shown that I would need to safeguard my own privacy by whatever means I have at my disposal."

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