Morrison is an Abbott Government Extremist who should lose his portfolio

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Morrison is an Abbott Government Extremist who should lose his portfolio

Media Release
Wednesday November 19, 2014 9:00am WST
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"Scott Morrison's latest venture confirms the long-standing denialist Liberal ideology that seeks to destroy any sense of regional refugee responsibility by Australia. While the ex-Hillsong Zealot Scott Morrison is happy to maintain the concept of "regional solutions" when it comes to dumping asylum seekers in poor and powerless nations in our region, the other side of Australian regional responsibility - to catch asylum seekers in Indonesia and assist Indonesia in assessment and resettlement - is fully denied to be a valid aspect in his extremist and fanatical mind."

"In the extremist neo-conservative Liberal "F*ck-off-Refugees" ideology you're ONLY a refugee if you're 1) on the other side of the world in a refugee camp, and if 2) you wait until rescue by Australia (or by death arriving first)."

"If, conversely, you have the temerity to knock on Australia's door (or if the chance exists that you might do that in the future), you're a filthy, stinking Border Breaching, Queue Jumping, Economic Opportunistic Chooser - and you will be 1) jailed forever and 2) damned forever."

"Scott Morrison should be sacked, and the biggest national row in history should start in the Parliament and right around the nation where Shorten Labor's Opposition should descend into a filthy and relentless bare fist fight with Morrison's self-proclaimed mandate to destroy the UN Refugee Convention and Australia's obligations. Regrettably, at the moment Shorten Labor's is nothing more than the "No-Balls Opposition" that enables Morrison's Zealotry to run riot in the country."

Jack H Smit
Project SafeCom Inc.
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