Turnbull's incandescent lightbulb is a Nanny-State solution that solves nothing

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Turnbull's incandescent lightbulb is a Nanny-State solution that solves nothing

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Wednesday February 20, 2007 9:30am WST
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"Australia's Environment Minister's solution to global warming in his announcement about incandescent lightbulbs will solve nothing but cover the up government's attempts to hold back the inevitable crisis for Australia's coal industry, and it will guarantee that household power prices will go up in Australia as soon as electricity companies see the reduction in their income from households," WA Rights group said this morning.

Not only that, but an increase in the production of incandescent bulbs will produce a net result in the pollution energy used in the production of this item in the countries that produce them, and it will focus the attention of families on their own guilt in pollution of our planet, taking away the focus of Australian residents from scrutiny of what actions our government are really implementing to save our planet: it is a nanny-state solution because Malcolm Turnbull will be unwilling to join in with those countries that have already implemented serious carbon-trading and carbon tax solutions," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

"Malcolm Turnbull should instead focus on the percentage of electricity used by Australian industry, compared to the minuscule proportion of household usage, and on phasing out the use of coal to power our electricity production," Mr Smit concluded.

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