Only reinstatement of permanent residency will silence Jovicic case call

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Only reinstatement of permanent residency will silence Jovicic case call

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Wednesday February 21, 2007 7:30am WST
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"Only a complete reversal of the scandalous attempts by the Howard government to rid Australia of one of its own, will satisfy its critics, and that is why Mr Robert Jovicic should be given back his permanent residency visa," WA Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

"While the immediate and terrifying fear of being jailed in Villawood detention centre may have dissipated with the granting of a 2-year working visa, Mr Jovicic's fear remains, as he has indicated to reporters - he is a man who remains in limbo."

"The downright meanspirited campaign run by John Howard and his immigration Ministers to rid Australia of every resident, even those who came to our migrant country as babies, who have run into problems with the law, remains in place, and that is the issue that will register with voters in the 2007 election campaign," spokesman Mr Jack H Smit said.

"A win in the courts, where it is found that the Immigration Minister has the right to deport such residents, does not constitute a win in ethical or moral terms, and Project SafeCom remains fully committed to address these issues and tell Australians about these issues."

"The same meanness and deep-seated injustice in the mind, attitude and legislation of Australia remains in place as long as the Howard government remains in power. This will be one of Project SafeCom's core messages in this election year.

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