Bring those sixty Sri Lankans inside our country, Kevin Andrews!

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Bring those sixty Sri Lankans inside our country, Kevin Andrews!

Media Release
Thursday February 22, 2007 12:30am WST
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"Bring those 60 Sri Lankans inside our country, Kevin Andrews!", said WA Rights group Project SafeCom this morning, after hearing reports that around 60 Sri Lankan asylum seekers have been intercepted by vessels of Customs or Immigration off Christmas Island yesterday or overnight.

"Australia and Australians have nothing to fear from Sri Lankans, we know them well, we even win from them when we play cricket," said spokesman Jack H Smit.

"John Howard's new "final solution for asylum seekers" on Christmas Island, where the electric lighting underwent testing yesterday evening, and which is almost ready to be functional as Australia's answer to asylum seekers," stands as a dirty scar on the mind of most Australians," Mr Smit said.

Petition and photograph for media use:

"Australians have moved on from John Howard," Mr Smit said. "Australians have moved on from the xenophobic reactions connected to 9/11 and from attitudes around the time of Tampa, and the Christmas Island detention centre, while it's reportedly almost ready for its official opening, will be one of Australia's most expensive White Elephants."

Petition and photograph for media use:

"John Howard's $400 million dollar Christmas Island Alcatraz will soon be standing there, useless, as the biggest and Australia's most expensive monument to the stupid and mean-spirited glories of the Prime Minister for the rest of his days."

"While Australians remain keen to beat the Sri Lankans at the cricket, let's leave the centre on the island to rot while we process the Sri Lankans quickly, before they turn into the next batch of asylum seekers with severe and lifelong mental illness."

"Bring them to the mainland, Mr Howard, while there is still time to get some more votes from "the doctors wives": heaven knows you're gonna need those votes!" Mr Smit concluded.

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Project SafeCom Inc.
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