ALP should drop their Greens' VIC undermining - they need The Greens

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ALP should drop their Greens' VIC undermining - they need The Greens

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Wednesday November 22, 10:05WST
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"The Victorian Labor party should drop its rather stupid attempts to undermine the credibility of The Greens, and instead collaborate with great dedication with the party, because Labor needs the Greens more than ever in the context of climate change issues," WA Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

"Some rather stupid allegations are flying around in Victoria in the lead-up to Saturday's State election, but the Victorian Labor party, as well as all State Labor and Federal Labor organising bodies should realise that now, more than ever in history, the ALP will need The Greens to have any sense of credibility on environmental issues and policies," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

"The answer to a possible slogan of "Who Can You Trust on the Environment" points squarely at The Greens, and it will do so for a long time. The Greens have for more than a decade built their credibility on clean, renewable and non-fossil derived energy, and are usually supporting the latest in worldwide environmental policies and strategies."

"This is not about the high likelihood that The Greens this Saturday will emerge as the party holding the balance of power in Victoria, but this is about finding, supporting and implementing the best and highest good for the sake of our planet and for the survival of the human species."

"Every time the ALP descends into the use of gutter politics when it concerns the environment and the future of our planet, it is the ALP which is likely to loose not just credibility but also tens of thousands of votes."

"Instead of resorting to gutter politics, the ALP should understand that to win government, it should move closer to an alliance with The Greens, if not preparing for a future coalition with the party. And for a future coalition to be on the cards, Labor needs to transform itself into a party that represents the highest and best for our planet and for Australia - and it should be guided and led by the high credibility the Greens have displayed for more than a decade," Mr Smit concluded.

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