Howard lacks the morals and ethics to bring Australia together in water policy

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Howard lacks the morals and ethics to bring Australia together in water policy

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Wednesday January 25, 2007 9:30am WST
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"The Prime Minister John Howard, as he has shown time and again in the last 11 years, is absolutely incapable of bringing all Australians together in whatever policy framework he proposes, as we see today again with his water management policy proposals: he is only skilled in creating false illusions that include a serious undermining of his opponents, even if that includes an undermining of Australian Constitutional arrangements, long ago set in place by Australia's forefathers, and on Australia Day 2007 this surely must classify him as one of the most brazen, radical and aggressive Un-Australians who ever had a central controlling stake in public life," WA Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

"This Australia Day will and should go down in history as the Australia Day, where John Howard brazenly tried to undermine the constitutional power of the States and wedge the States, using a "dire emergency" excuse, just like conservative governments in the US have cooked up the rhetoric of war-time emergencies to amass power unto themselves. First it was the line of "Australia will be swamped by illegals", then it was all "for the good of fighting terrorism", and now he used the issue of a drought in Australia to do his extremely dirty work. Malcolm Turnbull has already referred this morning to this "extreme situation", and he shows to be Howard's Yes Man by being more interested in the wedge policy framework than in bringing true unity in Australia on the issues of climate change," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

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