"Overkill" police force arrests five Perth protesters

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"Overkill" police force arrests five Perth protesters

Media Release
Sunday March 27 2005 11:30am WST
For Immediate Release
No Embargoes

Five more protesters at the Baxter detention centre, all of them from Perth, have been arrested this morning by SA State and Federal police, during a protest that has been increasingly marked by brutality and overkill from the police.

Yesterday evening a "mob of police brutals", members of the STAR Police force, all of them fully clad in Riot Gear, forcibly overran a group of people, mainly women, who were flying kites at the Baxter fence, made arrests and destroyed and confiscated the kites.

This morning five Perth protesters were arrested and taken to the Port Ausgusta lock-up. The husband of one of the arrestees, Allan Boyd (phone contact below), said by phone this morning, that he was "outraged by the fact that it is my wife who was one of the arrested women this morning".

For more information:

Allan Boyd
Arrestee's husband
[phone number posted]

Jack H Smit
Project SafeCom Inc.
[phone number posted]

Baxter Convergence Media Unit:

Nicola Paris
WA Greens' advocate
[phone inserted]

Helvi Aarnio
Unaligned advocate
Convergence Media Tent
[phone inserted]

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