Mike Rann needs to come clean on "police dress-ups"

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Mike Rann needs to come clean on "police dress-ups"

Media Release
Sunday March 27 2005 12:30am WST
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"Mike Rann will have to come clean on the use of Federal police dressed up in disguise, posing as members of the South Australian police force", WA Refugee group Project SafeCom spokesman Jack Smit said this morning.

Experienced and long-term refugee advocates have told Project SafeCom that they have recognised several members of the Federal Police force dressed up as SA Police force members, amongst the police on duty at the Baxter detention centre during the Easter weekend protests.

"Mike Rann will have to explain to his government and the SA opposition parties whether or not any deals, open and honest, or "done deals behind closed doors" were done with his opposition counter-part in the Federal Coalition government. This has a direct bearing on his honourability as a State premier, and he has some serious explaining to do," Jack Smit said.

For more information:

Ian Rintoul
NSW Refugee Action Coalition
[phone number posted]

Jack H Smit
Project SafeCom Inc.
[phone number posted]

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