Government's Orwellian Excision Game renewed under "freedom" media cries

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Government's Orwellian Excision Game renewed under "freedom" media cries

Media Release
Thursday July 28 2005, 14:50pm WST
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"While the media fills itself with reports about what is called "freeing families" from detention - not in any way based on clarity but rather on ministerial spin without essence about whether or not the Red Cross or Churches or Community welfare groups will now become "the jailers", the government has quietly renewed its regulations and excised many islands from the Australian migration zone," WA Lobby group Project SafeCom said this afternoon.

"While it is clear that mandatory detention is seriously bankrupt, and while it is clear we may be witnessing the end of the cruel jailing in hard razor-wired camps today, the essence of what the Immigration Minister and the Prime Minister plan in this new phase of policy-on-the-run remains very much in the dark," said spokesman Jack H Smit.

"Will the Red Cross now become the jailers? Will groups in Perth such as the Coalition Assisting Refugees and Detainees now become the imprisoners of hapless families without work rights, thrown in limbo just like the many people who are imprisoned on Bridging Visas?"

"Will Centacare in Adelaide, who were once the "soft jailers" of the Bakhtiari family become jailers? Will the DIMIA-funded Australian Refugee Association in Adelaide, who were approached before Christmas 2004 by the Minister with the request to jail Cornelia Rau - then known as "Anna" - so she could quietly leave Baxter, now become the Minister's favourite jailers?"

"Even while the Christmas Island detention centre is being emptied, announcements come through that it will not close, and Australia will be spending $365,000 on the new and useless detention centre, the Governor-General Michael Jeffery has signed off on renewed Regulations to excise hundreds of islands from Australia's Migration Zone, and so Mr Howard's Orwellian Game with refugees goes on."

"What will happen when new boats come? The same game will continue, the same cruelty will be enforced again. It is not government approaches that need to change, but the Migration Act."

"The cruelty we have seen coming apart since Cornelia Rau was discovered in Baxter by Ms Pamela Curr, will only stop when this government is forced by the courts to stop it. And the Australian Bill will not be paid until a Royal Commission has uncovered each and every incident of cruelty Australia has committed to refugees since Howard came to power and make his cruel changes with the help of Mr Ruddock and the cruel and complicit DIMIA Staff and Management and its lawyers."

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Jack H Smit
Project SafeCom Inc.
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Migration Amendment Regulations 2005 (No. 6)1

Select Legislative Instrument 2005 No. 171

I, PHILIP MICHAEL JEFFERY, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, make the following Regulations under the Migration Act 1958.

Dated 21 July 2005

By His Excellency's Command


Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and
Indigenous Affairs

1 Name of Regulations

These Regulations are the Migration Amendment Regulations 2005 (No. 6).

2 Commencement

These Regulations commence on the day they are registered.

3 Amendment of Migration Regulations 1994

Schedule 1 amends the Migration Regulations 1994.

Schedule 1 Amendment

(regulation 3)

[1] After regulation 5.15A


5.15C Excised offshore places

(1) For paragraph (d) of the definition of excised offshore place in subsection 5 (1) of the Act, the Coral Sea Islands Territory is prescribed.

(2) For paragraph (e) of the definition of excised offshore place in subsection 5 (1) of the Act, the following islands are prescribed:

(a) all islands that:

(i) form part of Queensland; and
(ii) are north of latitude 21 south;

(b) all islands that:

(i) form part of Western Australia; and
(ii) are north of latitude 23 south;

(c) all islands that:

(i) form part of the Northern Territory; and
(ii) are north of latitude 16 south.


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