Welcome Kevin Andrews, and what about the 388 million kids' prison???

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Welcome Kevin Andrews, and what about the 388 million kids' prison???

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Monday January 29, 2007 10:30am WST
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"Welcome to your new portfolio, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews, and while it's terrific that you feel so invigorated with the new job as reported last week in the media, we have just one teeny-weeny question for you," WA Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning, "what's this massive design for children's playgrounds, playschool and pre-school classrooms, nappy-changing facilities and nanny classrooms on Christmas Island all about, where you will be jailing up to 800 refugee women and children and men if they come and as soon as they come, protecting them from "their invasion of Australia" with microwave-driven compound lock-downs, with a remotely controllable (also controllable from Canberra) camera in every nook and cranny of every compound and remotely controlled lock-down designs, as detailed on the 187 leaked architect drawings, security details and camera location drawings?"

(Above are the links to two PDF files - documents detailing the children's facilities on the island)

"Are you supporting the jailing of children and women in detention centres as fiercely marketed by the Prime Minister, Mr Andrews, or conversely, are you supporting, the NOT jailing of women and children as fiercely opposed by Petro Georgiou, Hon Judi Moylan and others, as established as law from Private Members' Bills that were enacted in government?" spokesman Jack Smit said.

"Will you be the yes-john-howard man, who will also, as the Prime Minister does, falsely label - and in this vilify - unannounced asylum seekers arriving on our shores as "illegals", will you defend the indefensible, in promoting and advertising the plans for this despicable children's Alcatraz in our country? And, moreover - the new Christmas Island refugee jail is reportedly just one or two months off from being completed - will you defer the opening of this centre, and keep as silent about this centre as you can possibly be, until after this year's Federal Election, because this monstrosity constitutes an electoral liability for Mr Howard??

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