John Howard admits Aboriginal land grab intent

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John Howard admits Aboriginal land grab intent

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Friday June 29, 2007 7:30am WST
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"Prime Minister John Howard has this morning admitted, in response to questions by Neil Mitchell on Southern Cross radio, that "if" it comes to taking lands away from Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal people, he will adequately compensate them", WA Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

"The Prime Minister's comments, given in his usual, passive, non-denial style in which he makes an initial admission, using his frequently used 'policy by stealth' methodology, have outed Mr Howard's true political intent of the dramatic 'invasion' of the army against the backdrop of health and community workers into Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, with the otherwise valid agenda of creating safety for especially the children in those communities," spokesman Jack H Smit said.

"It is now abundantly clear, what many pundits have suspected during the last week," Mr Smit said. "The taking away of lands from Aboriginal people, and given those lands over to commercial interests and mining companies, was always Mr Howard's intent."

"We know, from the now confirmed departure of the Canadian Stephen Harper government from Canada's previous long-standing commitment to the UN Convention on the Rights of Indigenous people, and confirmed influencing of Canada by Mr Howard in this Canadian decision, where Mr Howard stands in relation to the Rights of Indigenous People," Mr Smit said.

"Now we also know what his intent is for Australian Indigenous people." Mr Smit concluded.

Jack H Smit
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