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One of the boats that made it to Australia during the early months of 2009
One of the boats that made it to Australia during the early months of 2009.

On a journey fraught with dangers

Many Iranians left their country on a journey to protection and safety.

And often, their families are really worried.

An August 2009 email alert broadcast to our networks.

Two lost families?

Narrogin WA, August 2009 - in the beginning of the month we received a message via friends from someone in Iran, who was worried about two Iranian families who had to run away from Iranian authorities after becoming associated with the Bahai'i faith.

In the message from Ebi, he described how his cousin, her husband Mohammad Abdi, and his friend Mehdi Marzoughi were on the run, and he asked us to help publish the summary of their story and some photos.


Below are two photo 'thumbnails', one of Mr Mehdi Marzoughi and one of Mr Mohammad Abdi. Please click on the thumbnails to open the larger versions of the images.

The Hao Kiet arrives at Port Hedland harbour
Mehdi Marzoughi
The Hao Kiet after army and police embark
Mohammad Abdi

The email

Below is the full text of the message. Please pass on the link to the internet address of this page to all your contacts who may be able to assist in finding out where Ali's cousin's families are.

Internet address of this page:

If you have information:

If you can help and you have leads or information to find the two families, please click here to send Ebi an email, or copy and paste his address apa1360(at) into a new email (change the '(at)' into the '@' sign).

My Missing Cousin

Date: 2 August, 2009
From: Ali Xxxxx
To: Project SafeCom

My name is Ebi and as you remember, I spoke to you regarding my cousin who is missing since nearly two months with her family and friends. I am seeking your help in this matter to find out where they are as her friends and relatives are really worried and begging for anyone who has got even a news about their safety.

Perhaps, a short story of them would assist anyone who has heard about them even through others:

My cousin's husband, Mohammad Abdi and his friend, Mehdi Marzoughi, became familiar with some members of Bahai community in Iran and after socialising and interacting with them, step by step became interested in Bahai faith. They felt a big change in their everyday life, decided to convert, follow this faith and got involved in more activities through Bahai community. Then they also commenced to raise awareness of their friends and others who knew by distributing books and pamphlets. Unfortunately, the Iranian Security Forces discovered some of the booklets and papers and immediately start searching in order to arrest them as converting to this faith is totally illegal.

They managed to run away but no one knows where they are. Their friends and relatives are desperately looking for them and would request everyone in Australia who has seen these families to come around with address or contacts.

As I mentioned, If you can publish this story in your website as soon as possible, it could help to find them and at least ensure us that they are alive. Attached are their photos to help people recognise their faces.

Can you please let me know after it was published so I can check in your website?

Your assistance is highly appreciated and would relieve their friends who do care about their safety.

Please let me know if you require more information.