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Sources of Funding

How our self-funded NGO survives

We began our operations in 2001, having officially incorporated under West Australian legislation as a not-for-profit entity.

Since those beginnings, income has been generated from periodical pledges, once-off donations, membership fees, and sales through the website; and from proceeds of events and fundraisers.

In addition, we also actively seek sponsorships when we organise our events, either sponsorships "in kind" or financial sponsorships. Below on this page are the logo's and links for those organisations that have sponsored us since we started operating in 2001.

This page tells you a bit more about our process of generating operational funds.

Important Notice about Project SafeCom:

All Project SafeCom activity has now ceased; the association was wound up in the year 2020. This website is being kept in place as a historical record and as a research instrument for the public, and for students, academics and researchers worldwide.

The Project SafeCom bank accounts are now also closed, but we've kept the PayPal account active. Any donations are welcome: they will be used for maintenance and payment of the website, and to ensure the continuing presence of this important resource.

John Howard and NGO's

During the Howard years from 1996 to 2007 legislation was changed for Non Government Organisations (NGO's). While it is possible to request approval to become an organisation with tax-deductable status for donations purposes, you will lose this status if you become critical of government policy. This has in fact happened to otherwise fully acknowledged public bodies and organisations during that period.

While we're hoping for a more democratic system in Australia under the current government, for now we're only safe if we stay entirely independent of outside funding sources on an ongoing basis, so we're likely to remain a self-funded organisation.

Examples of our work

In our work, we reach an increasing number of people by electronic means through our Newsletter and periodic calls for civil action. Here's the link to our Daily News and Updates, and here's the link to one of our calls for action in Climate Justice. If you would also like to be reached by us (we do that by email) send us your contact details. You can do that through this form page.

Credit Card payments using PayPal

PayPalProject SafeCom has an online credit card transaction agreement with PayPal. Click on the "Pay Your Pledge" button to start your donation or pledge account payment into our PayPal account using your credit card.

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General Account

Any funds received via our
PayPal account will contribute to the
continuation and maintenance of
this website as an open resource
for research by the public.

Past or current sponsors

Since 2001, often around the organisation of our community events, many organisations have sponsored us, either in-kind or in direct or indirect financial terms. All their logos are displayed below, and links to respective websites or online presences are provided. Our gratitude goes out to them.

Note: the organisations are not displayed in any intended order or ranking.