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Important Notice about Project SafeCom:

All Project SafeCom activity has now ceased; the association was wound up in the year 2020. This website is being kept in place as a historical record and as a research instrument for the public, and for students, academics and researchers worldwide.

The message form on this page is still operational, but we can not guarantee an immediate reply; we will review all messages and consider to reply to you in some cases.

Below is the blue button that hides or opens the contact form; first though, we declare our child-friendly policy:

The COPPA legislation

Safe surfing for KidzThis is a notice for children younger than 13 years of age, sending us a message. We do NOT collect personal information without your consent. This COPPA Notice is posted here to make you aware of the legislation in force in the USA; we are in Australia, but we support this legislation. So if you're under 13 years of age, you need permission from your parents to give us your name. That's also the reason we have the round 'bullet' boxes below, in the form, to tick your age, when you send us a message. You can visit the Kidz Section of the people who made this legislation by clicking HERE.

"Visitors under 13 years of age are warned and made aware of our COPPA compliance." Note: COPPA stands for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

"Trying to stop pre-teens from using the Web is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall" - it's becoming a famous phrase. Read the source here.

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