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The People and Planet 2007 Diary

People & Planet:
Social Justice & Environment Diary 2008

... supporting 34 NGO's and small organisations ...

... working on social justice and environment issues...

Front Cover Image: "Economy Class" - Crowded conditions are part of everyday life for people in Niger (West Africa). Thousands of people suffer such crowding trying to cross the Sahara in the big trucks attempting to reach Europe. Many of them die of thirst, or are abandoned by people traffickers during the long arduous journey.

This exquisite People and Planet Diary, the Global Trade Watch initiative now running for its second year, is once again an opportunity to solve many of your 'Christmas present headaches'. And, while you resolve the issue of what to buy for whom for Christmas, you will be supporting Project SafeCom once again as well as 34 organisations, groups and NGO's working on social justice and environment issues.

The 2008 People and Planet Diary is now sold out.... sorry! We wish you a Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year!