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The Perth sheraton
The Perth Sheraton Hotel, the location of the 2006 WACOSS Conference, viewed from across the Swan River.

At the 2006 WACOSS Conference

Project SafeCom presents at the 2006 West Australian Council of Social Services Conference

We will deliver two presentations at the 2006 West Australian Council of Social Services (WACOSS) Conference at the Perth Sheraton Hotel on 4-5 May 2006.

Both presentations promise to be lively, challenging and exciting, and will reveal many of the 'ways of working' of Project SafeCom's 'cutting edge' methodologies in enabling a creative and new intersection between the community (you!) and Federal government, initially in terms of 'creating dents' in the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, and now and into the future, responding to broader human rights issues and the impact of Climate change on social justice. Hear how we help to keep parliamentarians accountable and responsive!

Both presentations are on Day One of the Conference, Thursday 4 May 2006.

NOTE: The two titles of Jack Smit's presentations in this box are linked to the other 2006 WACOSS Conference page on our website. By clicking on the titles you will leave this page.

11:15 - 12:45 | Seminar (Future Technology)

Changing the World -- One Click at a Time

Having a finger in the pie in Canberra from the boondocks of Narrogin

15:30 - 17:00 | Seminar (Fighting Fear)

Scared Stiff! -- Fear and its impact on our lives

Working with the issue of Fear and Public Policy

Below is a copy of the Conference Program - contents mirrored from the WACOSS website - while all links to the WACOSS website sections about the conference, including registration procedures, are right at the bottom of this page.

Conference Themes:

Funding & Finance

Hear about the latest in Government funding policy both here and interstate / overseas. Learn new and creative methods for securing funds from government, non-government and the corporate sector. Improve financial & organisational management and make your funding go further.

Faith & Fortitude

Discuss what drives and sustains individuals working in the social services field. Explore the core values, faith-based and secular philosophies that underpin the dialogue in policy and social service delivery. Renew your energy and passion for your work and inspire others.

Fair Go or Fair Game?

Examine current social justice and human rights issues. Understand the changing role of advocacy, advocacy organisations and activists. Explore the role of the media, politics and social attitudes in determining support or antipathy towards the socially excluded and their advocates. Develop strong alliances and strategies for social change.

Future Technology

Learn about the technology that you will use at work and in everyday life in coming years. Understand current technological solutions to overcome challenges in service delivery. Examine the "digital divide", including IT issues and solutions for the social services sector and access for communities.

Fighting Fear

Understanding the "Culture of Fear"; how it manifests and who benefits or suffers. Examine the impact of fear on Australian society, community and cultural groups and individuals. Find creative strategies for overcoming the negative impacts of fear.

DAY 1: Thursday 4 May 2006
07:40 - 08:40   REGISTRATION
08:40 - 08:50   Conference Open
Nyoongar Welcome to Country
08:50 - 09:00   Welcome & Introduction
Rae Walter, President, WACOSS
09:00 - 09:40   Keynote Presentation
The Premier of Western Australia - TBC
09:40 - 09:50   Housekeeping & Conference Explanation / Warm-up
MC - Gerry Gannon
09:50 - 10:30   Keynote Presentation
Shaping the Future:
Charles Brass, Chair, Futures Foundation
10:30 - 11:15   Morning Tea
11:15 - 12:45   Concurrent Sessions
Finance A Seminar (Funding & Finance)

RRR - Regional, Rural and Remote Viability, Delivery and Development

Neil Hamilton, Centrecare Goldfields and Esperance
Sue Kelly-Jones, Share and Care Community Service Group Inc.
Professor Fiona McKenzie, Housing and Urban Research Institute of WA
Faith B Seminar (Faith & Fortitude)

Perspectives on Faith, Fortitude and Social Justice from diverse faith traditions

Rabbi Freilich, Jewish Leader
Sheikh Muhammad Agherdief, Muslim Leader
Rosemary Hudson-Miller, Uniting Church
Peter Brett, Buddhist Practitioner, Origins Centre
Mukesh Mani, President Hindu Association of WA
Bayan Meshgin, Baha'i Faith
Fair C Seminar (Fair Go or Fair Game)

When did 'Welfare' become a 4 Letter Word?

Nola Kunnen, Department of Social Work & Social Policy, Curtin University
Lin Hatfield-Dodds, President, ACOSS
Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens
Mary Jenkins, Organisation of Un(der)employed people of WA Inc.
Future D Seminar (Future Technology)

Changing the World -- One Click at a Time

Andrew Johnson, Executive Director, ACOSS
Leah Watkins,
Jack H Smit, Founder & Co-ordinator, Project SafeCom
Having a finger in the pie in Canberra from the boondocks of Narrogin
Other Speakers - TBC
Fear E Seminar (Fighting Fear)

Emerging Practice -- A Case Study - Addressing Homophobia through Innovation

Kerstin Stender, Perth Inner City Youth Service
Jaye Edwards, Outreach Services, Trinity Uniting Church
Other Speakers - TBC
12:45 - 13:30   Lunch
13:30 - 14:30   Plenary Session (Funding & Finance)

Shaping the Future: the role of Social Services in Australia's future

Robert Fitzgerald, Founding Chair, National Roundtable of Non-Profit Organisations
Andrew Johnson, Executive Director, ACOSS
Other Speakers - TBC
14:30 - 14:45   Afternoon Tea
14:45 - 15:30   Plenary Session (Future Technology)

"To Infinity and Beyond!" The Future of Technology in the Non-Profit Sector

Nicola Thompson, Manager, ICT Consortium, UK
Terry Stokes, ICT Services Director, London Advice Services Alliance, UK (TBC)
15:30 - 17:00   Concurrent Sessions
Finance F Seminar (Funding & Finance)

'Slow Boiling Frogs' - Wages, Conditions &; Viability Issues for the Non-Government Human Services Sector

Ruth Marshall, Australian Services Union,
Ara Cresswell, ACTCOSS
Mat Rowell, TASCOSS
Other Speakers - TBC
Faith G Seminar (Faith & Fortitude)

'Sing About Life -- Sing About Possibility!' -- The Use of Music and the Arts to inspire Hope

Jacqueline Ross, Shoe String Singers
Other Speakers - TBC
Fair H Seminar (Fair Go or Fair Game)

Are we there yet? -- Examining progress and efficacy of Homelessness Interventions in WA

Pauline Bagdonavicius, Executive Director, Program And Sector Development, DCD
Paul Flatau, Murdoch University
Robyn Martin, Curtin University
Future I Seminar (Future Technology)

Getting with the Program! Enhancing Business and Organisational Practices in the Non-Profit Sector using ICT

Natalie Collins, Infoxchange Australia
Brian Niedzwiecki, Chief Financial & Technology Officer, St Vincent de Paul WA
Other Speakers - TBC
Fear J Seminar (Fighting Fear)

Scared Stiff! -- Fear and its impact on our lives

Michael Thorn, Director, Office of Crime Prevention
Jack H Smit, Founder and Co-ordinator, Project SafeCom
Working with the issue of Fear and Public Policy
Rosemary Longhurst, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
DAY 2: Friday 5 May 2006
08:00 - 08:45   REGISTRATION
08:45 - 09:00   Welcome and Recommendations from Day 1
09:00 - 09:30   Keynote Presentation

Matt Birney MLA, Leader of the Opposition

09:30 - 10:15   Keynote Presentation

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Hugh Mackay, Social Researcher and Commentator
10:15 - 11:00   Keynote Panel

Fighting Fear in the land of the Fair Go!

Dr Carmen Lawrence MP
Dr Samina Yasmeen, University of WA
Andrew Johnson, Executive Director, ACOSS

Hugh Mackay, Social Researcher and Commentator

11:00 - 11:20   Morning Tea
11:20 - 12:45   Concurrent Sessions
Finance K Seminar (Funding & Finance)

Practice makes Perfect: Improving practice and performance in the social services sector

Lindey Andrews, WA Network Of Alcohol And Other Drug Agencies (WANADA)
Kathie McLure, Health Consumers' Council
Other Speakers - TBC
Faith L Seminar (Faith & Fortitude)

Integrating Integrity: Ethical Leadership

C. Lucy Morris, Community Vision Inc.
Wendy Lamotte, Team Leader - Member and Sector Development, WACOSS
Kathryn Sydney-Smith, Chief Executive Officer, WA Community Foundation
Fair M Seminar (Fair Go or Fair Game)

Getting it Right! -- Perspectives on Delivering Human Rights Protection in WA

Giz Watson MLC, Member For North Metropolitan Region
Jim Ife/Lucy Fiske, Centre for Human Rights Education, Curtin University
Other Speakers - TBC
Future N Seminar (Future Technology)

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity... Technology" Addressing the Digital Divide

Nicola Thompson, Manager, ICT Consortium, UK
Terry Stokes, ICT Services Director, London Advice Services Alliance, UK, (TBC)
Other Speakers - TBC
Fear O Seminar (Fighting Fear)

Facing Fear -- Innovative Techniques for addressing Fear in our Community

Katie Thomas, Centre for International Health, Curtin University
Anna Alderson, Learning Conversations
Phil Sparrow, Author & Aid Worker
12:45 - 13:40   Lunch
13:40 - 15:10   Concurrent Sessions
Finance P Seminar (Funding & Finance)

Jigsaws, juggling and joining-up: the challenges and rewards of inter-agency and inter-sectoral relationships

Colin Penter, Matrix Consulting Group
Sherry Saggers, Edith Cowan University
Richard Denniss, Ex-Australia Institute
Faith Q Seminar (Faith & Fortitude)

Are you looking after yourself?: Maintaining faith & fortitude through improved well-being

Kerrie Tim, Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination
Other Speakers - TBC
Fair R Seminar (Fair Go or Fair Game)

"As long as you've got your Health...!?" - Programs improving access to mainstream health services for people who really need them

Jennifer Keen, WA Network Of Alcohol And Other Drug Agencies (WANADA)
Catherine McCloy, Canning Division Of General Practice
Other Speakers - TBC
Future S Seminar (Future Technology)

Back to the Future: Discovering Tomorrows Technology

Charles Brass, Chair, Futures Foundation
Other Speakers - TBC
Fear T Seminar (Fighting Fear)

Personal Experiences of Fear and Resilience

Simon Quayle, Bali Bomb Survivor
Ann O'Neill, Angelhands (TBC)
15:10 - 15:30   Afternoon Tea
15:30 - 16:30   Plenary Session (Faith & Fortitude)

Faith & Fortitude - The importance of spirit

Tim Muirhead, CSD Network
Kerrie Tim, Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination
Other Speakers - TBC
16:30 - 17:00   Conference Highlights
17:00   Closing Remarks

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