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Amnesty International Australia


Project SafeCom Inc.

with support from
The Refugee Rights Action Network


a Celebration of Human Rights

to mark World Refugee Day 2005

Saturday June 18, from 10.00am until 4.00pm

Outside the Fremantle Markets
and the Sail & Anchor, Henderson Street

Daybreak in Detention

Daybreak in Detention events will take place across Australia from Saturday June 18 to Monday June 20 (World Refugee Day) aimed at defending the human rights of refugees by ending Australia's indefinite detention of asylum seekers. In some places Daybreak in Detention will be an overnight sleep-over in a "mock" Immigration Detention Centre in a community hall, at others it will be a get together of school students at a friend's house, or a BBQ or picnic. Its up to you! You can either join an event or set one up yourself - there is a downloadable flyer with details on the Amnesty website.

You can also join others on Saturday June 18 at the Fremantle Markets where our "Detention Cage" will be located.

To sign up for "doing time" in The Cage at the Fremantle Markets for part of the day contact Amnesty's Jim Sharp on 9496 2209.

Visit the Amnesty stall, which will be located next to The Cage, talk to our Amnesty volunteers, and receive information on Australia's indefinite detention system and actions you can take to support asylum seekers.

Photos of the day's event

16 October 2005: Photos of our Fremantle World Refugee Day 2005 - During World Refugee Day weekend in 2005, we again had our stall and the Cage in a Daybreak in Detention event with Amnesty outside the Fremantle Markets in Fremantle. Here are the photos.

The Field of Hearts

The Field of Hearts ProjectThe Field of Hearts is a visual installation project comparable to The Sea of Hands, the project expressing support of Indigenous people. At the Project SafeCom stall you can buy a heart, joining thousands around Australia to paint or write a wish for refugees, make a drawing, glue on your picture, or write a slogan or note on it. Your heart will join tens of thousands of others in its journey to Parliament House in Canberra, where they will be placed on the lawn several times during the year.

The Field of Hearts Project14 February 2004: The Field of Hearts project, the brainchild of Andrew Hall - Andrew Hall of Public Servants for Refugees in Canberra conceived it, and the momentum of this important project is building in preparation for World Refugee Day 2004, and the planned convergence on Canberra prior to the 2004 Federal Election. At Project SafeCom we're part of the action!

Amnesty International Australia

Amnesty International Australia has spoken out about mandatory detention, long-term detention, and supports permanent protection of refugees over Temporary Protection Visas.

Project SafeCom Inc.

Project SafeCom was formed in 2001 in response to the Tampa affair, and it has operated a full-time office since that time, engaging the public and politicians about Australian refugee policies, acting as lobbyists, activists and advocates. It is well-respected for its extensive and informative website and receives frequent media attention in the national media.

It prides itself about having made a tangible difference and being well-known in Federal Parliament.

Project SafeCom promotes sustainable policies in the widest sense of the word.

Refugee Rights Action Network

The Refugee Rights Action Network (RRAN) is a network committed to addressing and preventing violations of the human rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. We also take exception to the web of deception and misinformation being perpetrated by the Australian Government in order to justify immoral and racist policies with respect to refugees and asylum seekers.

RRAN concentrates its work around organising protests, rallies and vigils.

Also: World Refugee Events Day

Sunday June 19, 11:00am to 3:00pm - Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge and Alexander Library Theatrette

Cultural Events, Stalls, speakers and workshops