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the final achievement we're looking for: fences coming down!

The Seventh of December 2002: Our first birthday

Project SafeCom was incorporated on December the 7th 2001

We have just finished for the year, and we have also celebrated our first birthday. We look back on a year in which we have successfully established ourselves amongst the still growing collection of refugee groups around Australia.

And we commit to growing, developing, working hard and being relevant in the long term as a human rights organisation.

Our Achievements in 2002 include:

The Project SafeCom team

And in an Update:

It's many moons later as we write this - to travel further, here are some of our archives for your next choice on the website that now has more than 1,000 pages for your reading!

Our World Refugee Day movie

Project SafeCom's 2007 World Refugee Day event17 July 2007: Project SafeCom's 2007 World Refugee Day readings - This week's Fremantle Herald, a major Project SafeCom sponsor, features major coverage of Project SafeCom's World Refugee Day event as part of its wraparound for World Refugee Day. This page reproduces the entire section, including articles by our speakers for the event who came from The Greens, the ALP, and from Melbourne. Perth Community Television (CTV) filmed the event, and the 15-minute documentary is included on this page.

A musical sample

Royal Commission

The call for a Royal Commission into detention and the treatment of refugees, asylum seekers and immigration detainees has always been relevant, especially since the 2001 Tampa stand-off. With Downloadable Petition Form!

The Bill of Rights resources archive

3 March 2008: The Bill of Rights resources archive - Project SafeCom's archive of Bill of Rights resources: speeches, papers, presentations and books have seen the light of day right around Australia since the 2001 Tampa standoff and the anti-terrorism legislation introduced during the Howard years. This page brings together our resources on a Bill of Rights for Australia.

Archive of Indigenous Issues pages

13 February 2008: Archive of Indigenous Issues pages - the number of pages dealing with some aspects of Australia's First Peoples has been growing steadily since we started our work in 2001, so it's appropriate we bring them all together on one page. Here's our archive of Indigenous issues.

Blog archives

18 October 2006: The Project SafeCom Blog Archives - This is the page that brings together all entries from our Blog. They are manually entered, so please accept apologies if sudden and new entries are not posted to this page immediately.